The basis for a successful development

The Russian retail market enjoys excellent growth prospects. Nowadays modern retail represents only 14% of the Russian market compared to 90% in Europe. While delivering high standards of service, Auchan offers a very large assortment of quality goods at everyday low prices, which are the basis for its success in Russia.

Opportunities offered by Auchan

In the cities or regions where they are located, our hypermarkets guarantee an inflow of money in the form of taxes, wages and local sourcing. Even though many internationally known products are available in Auchan hypermarkets so as to offer a wide choice of goods, the majority of items are still produced in Russia. 

Our main task

Auchan’s priority is to train Russian specialists and give them a real sense of participating in the future of the company. One way of achieving this is by presenting them an opportunity to become shareholders of the company.

  • Auchan is accelerating its development: 
  •  Innovative solutions
  •  Opening of hypermarkets in new cities and new countries
  •  New scopes of activity such as electronic commerce
  •  Development of private label products